A Grounded & Integrated Approach to healing

At The Neal Center, we believe it is only by accessing our whole being, that we can truly heal. When the pain of grief or trauma prevent us from living our best lives, we need an integrative approach to reconnect with our highest selves. 

Offering Awakened Counseling, Yoga Therapy and Complimentary Services, The Neal Center provides effective treatment that is as unique as you are.

Start Where you Are

This philosophy is the cornerstone of our therapies. We know that finding help can be a daunting task, often accompanied by uncertainty and shame. 

Am I ready for this?

Is this the right step for me?

What happens if I can't actually heal? I'll feel so ashamed...

If any of these thoughts are present for you, take a deep breath. Know that at The Neal Center, we are going to meet you right where you are. We believe that however you show up to this work, you are already a whole and perfect being- and that just by showing up you have proven your readiness to make the leap.

There is no reason to wait for the help you need.

The first 7 minutes of this interview speak to the essentials of this work - listen in!
The Neal Center Counseling & Yoga Therapy
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