About The Neals

Alexi and Chas Neal are Florida natives that discovered their true home in the Front Range of Colorado. Alexi started as a yoga teacher, and then went on to get her Yoga Therapy Certification through Pheonix Rising Yoga Therapy. Chas started off teaching meditation while pursing his master's in Mental Health Counseling from Regis University. He then decided to deepen his understanding of trauma and broaden his skill set through an EMDRIA approved EMDR training.

What started as a conversation about wanting to give to the community and share their skills ended in the founding of The Neal Center in May 2017.

The Neal Center motto is "Start where you are." Chas and Alexi took this to heart and started The Neal Center when they were still meditation and yoga teachers, knowing that the best time to start pursuing your dreams is right now.

The hope is that you will take inspiration from this and start (whatever it is you'd like to begin) from this moment, with whatever you have, wherever you are on your path. 

Chas realized early in life that he had a skill for listening, giving gentle support, and helping people who were struggling. As he started to explore the world of psychology and counseling, it quickly became clear this is the work he is meant to do.

His calming energy is the perfect compliment to his passion, helping people who are lost in the pain of grief and trauma to find relief, cultivate connection, and re-discover their potential. 

When he's not working, Chas may be in nature, playing board games with friends, or listening to his favorite records. 

Alexi started practicing yoga when she was just 12 years old, following along with videos of Rodney Yee in the living room with her mother. This love developed into a career- starting as yoga teacher for 6 years. But there seemed to be a deeper layer of learning that could happen with the tools that yoga provides, so she eventually found her way to Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. ​

Her passion is in helping people rediscover their strength and wisdom in the aftermath of grief and trauma. So many people suffer for years from anxiety and disordered thoughts after traumatic events, and being present to the process of reconnection is a profound way to impact her community. 

Outside of yoga and this practice, Alexi loves to hike, is always in the middle of a few books, and relishes a good cup of chai tea. 

The Neal Center Counseling & Yoga Therapy
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